To underline,
to outline.

My drawings focus on graphic and pictorial motives. I mainly think and draw in patterns and structures, but am also influenced by animals, symbols and organic and floral ornaments. Hatchings, lines and dots connect elements, create depth and create new images. Details and new textures become a projection ground for new associations – letting the viewer connect what he sees with he knows. Drawing from an archive of repetitive patterns, I use them as a vocabulary to talk about the space they create and inhabit, to create a place where a story might have happened, an almost tangible echo of stories. I am also interested in the human body as a site to respond to: to see more of my Tattoo-Art, click here.

To rearticulate,
to resonate,
to remember.

Born 1986 in Berlin, currently living in Berlin

2013/2014 Master of Letters, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, UK
2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand
2006- 2009 Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany

2014 Frans Masreel Printing Centrum, Kasterlee, Belgium
           Dumfries House, East Ayrshire, UK
2012 Duende Studios, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2011/2012 Stichting Nac, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2011 Artfunkl, Manchester, UK

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2013 drawing#31, installation, The Whiskey Bond, Glasgow, UK
2012 Hyperthesis, Minishop Roodkapje, Rotterdam, Netherlands
2011 Drawing #19, Around the Corner, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Selected Group Exhibitions

In the End End, Horses Are Only What They Are Not, Luis Leu, Karlsruhe, Germany
Hidden Door Festival, The Secret Courtyard, Edinburgh, UK

information, Paisley Museum, Paisley, UK

Hidden Door Festival, Edinburgh, UK
Screenplay, SWG3, Glasgow, UK
double blind, with Sjoerd Westbroek, Duende Studios, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Here The Ground Wavers Not, Duende Studios, Rotterdam, Netherlands
What remains&drawing#22, Artplaats, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Re:Rotterdam, Artfair, Rotterdam, Netherlands
I had the feeling I had to be there but there was nothing, FoundationB.a.d., Rotterdam, Netherlands

Open Studio, Artfunkl, Manchester, UK
Wir sind die Neuen, Wir sind Art, Cds, Hamburg, Germany
Exposure Exhibition, Blow Festival, Wellington, New Zealand

Inhale, The Engine Room, Wellington, New Zealand